Cruznotes Newsletter by Jaime Alejandro | 10.21 Recap

A summer ending, interviews to die for, and a new audio project!

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It’s Jaime Alejandro at, here’s your once-a-month and not-so-spooky October Cruznotes recap!

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Arts Calling

This was a wonderful month to connect with new creatives and learn from them over at Arts Calling!

In Episode 8, poet Raegen Pietrucha shared so many wonderful insights on crafting poetry, balancing art/life, and so much more! Raegen is so precise in communicating the empowering aspects of poetry, and the kind of tenacity needed to create outstanding work. I got some excellent poet recommendations too, which is always awesome! Please check out her website and her exceptionally moving poetry collection, An Animal I Can’t Name.

Episode 9 brought us an inspired conversation with playwright José Casas. If you want to get hyped about the power of the theater arts, this is the one for you. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the tools we have at our disposal for social impact. You can check out a digital production of his docu-play, FLINT, available for free online! Very grateful for José’s time and wisdom!

To close out the month, I caught up in Episode 10 with my dear friend Billy Higgins to discuss clowning, being a teaching theater artist, and running a theater during this difficult time. We hadn’t talked in a while, so it feels like we only scratched the surface. Hope we can catch up again soon, my friend!

Creative Drive

One of my favorite things is to connect with creatives from all over the world, and I’m happy to say this podcast has become a little community of short form collaborations! In recent episodes, I have transitioned from rushing episodes through, to a more bespoke approach to production: Each Creative Drive episode is now receiving an original score to each episode. It’s not much, but it’s another way to create episodes that feel like a true exchange of creativity. We’ve received some outstanding submissions in recent weeks and I am thrilled to keep this thing rolling! For now, enjoy the latest episodes!

Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast

On this month’s episode of OKA, Madd and I recap Ted Lasso prior to the big season 2 finale! If you’re a Ted Lasso fan, come along!

The Writing Record Podcast

Trying to do the Writing Record two times a month to share current creative obstacles, observations on craft, and gathering online content to use as inspiration.

A Whisper to the Dark

So, this is a new play that I have been writing on and off since the first part of the year. It’s called A Whisper to the Dark, and it has challenged me beyond words. It’s an interactive audio play, and a family ghost story. Whether it’s produced by the theater company I wrote it for, or whether I produce it in-house at, this thing is definitely happening in the near future. Stay tuned!

descheveler: facing creative fears.

Since I wrapped up on A Whisper to the Dark mid-October, I began work on a one-person audio play with music! I intend to write, perform, and produce this work on my own. I’m finding new challenges, new ways to face the things that scare me when it comes to making art. Even though I have experience as a writer, actor, and producer, I have never worn all of those hats for the same piece. I’m scared to talk about childhood fears, religion, and a whole bunch of absurd things we face in the world day to day. I guess all these jitters are a sign this is the right project to be working on. Here’s a sneak peek of music I’ve written this summer to learn Ableton. Some may be used in the soundtrack. Not sure. Check out for my weekly Disheveled Video Journals. I’m keeping them short!

New Little Camera.

I don’t think I posted a new writing prompt at all this month, but I’m hoping that will change with the new camera. It’s a Sony EV-Z10, which has been pretty handy and just right for family photos and random acts of creativity. I’m thinking this photo will be 200th writing prompt on Instagram! This one was taken at one of our walks by the river on a Saturday. I hope we get more of those walks before the cold really sets in…

The Wonderful Everyday.

As we welcomed Fall, there was a parting gift on our little tree in the front yard. As the branches shed their leaves, a tiny nest remained. The recently departed tenants, off to a warmer destination by now. But it took us aback, because we always thought our little crabapple tree was a skinny little thing. We somewhat forgot that when given time, little trees, much like people, continue to grow and take on more by the day. Our little tree did well to offer a young bird family temporary shelter from our cruel Wyoming winds. And of course, in a mood to celebrate the observation, I leave you with a poem I wrote:

in the brown nakedness

in this season of pale skies

and yellow sideway leaves

and between gusts, you love deeply

and the assured distance

and your sideways leaving

is not welcomed, but accepted,

which is easier for me when I

recite countless times

that in the wilderness of flight

and sorrowful violence of being

you shroud the blueprints of home

in the warmth of your remiges.


And a Happy Halloween from Oscar and the rest of the Cruzfam!

Much love,


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